The BIHT was initially built in 2006-2007 as a resort by Mr. TshewangNorbu. The resort was then called ‘Bongde Goma Resort’ and it ran until 2014. In March 2015, the proprietor collaborated with a Swiss Foundation called ‘Bhutan Learning Exchange Foundation’. Dr. Rieki Crins was the founder and president of the Learning Exchange Foundation, Netherlands and she was the founder of the Hotel School. Mr. Piero Grandi is the founder and president of the Bhutan Learning Foundation, Switzerland and together they made the school a reality.  There are also many more eminent members of the Foundations who provide continuous support. The Institute was initially started by Mr. Adrien and Mr. Auke with the first batch of 30 students.

The foundation’s new approach of hospitality training is to meet all the stakeholders’ expectations from empowering unemployed youth with hospitality skills to enhancing hospitality industries in the country with the supply of highly skilled youth who are ready for employment from BIHT.

The foundation has spent a huge amount in refurbishing the hotel to suit contemporary need of tourists and to provide good environment for the trainees to carry out their hospitality practices. Even to these days the Bhutan Learning Exchange Foundation continues to support the Institute in many ways such as free scholarships for trainees and funds to procure essential resources.

The Bongde Goma Resort continues exist as a 3-star resort and receive both international and regional tourist guests which provide good on the job training for the trainees.

Although the foundation aimed to make the Institution sustainable within three years and handover to the proprietor, the foreign expatriates could not continue due to unavoidable circumstances.

Mr. Sonam Tshering a senior retired educationist and a veteran educational leaderwas being appointed as the Director with effect from 1st March 2019. He has reformed and streamlined the management system to ensure quality delivery of training and enhancing enrolment to provide more scope for unemployed youth and accomplish the expectation of the BLEF..


Vision and Mission

To make Bongde Institute of Hotel & Tourism and Bongde Goma Resort a center of excellence for hospitality training.



  1. To make unemployed youth employable in hospitality industry
  2. To make the Institute and the Bongde Goma Resort sustainable.
  3. Provide excellent on the job training with quality amenities that ensures the trainee graduates at higher demand in job market.
  4. To empower unemployed Bhutanese youth with quality professional skills.
  5. To enable youth to build their career in the hospitality profession.


HIGH SEASON RATE (March, April, May, September, October, November)

Single Occupancy

Rate: Nu.2,000++ (Excluding Meals)

Double Occupancy

Rate: Nu.2,500++ (Excluding Meals)

LOW SEASON RATE (June, July, August, December, January, February)

Single Occupancy

Rate: Nu.1,500++ (Excluding Meals)

Double Occupancy

Rate: Nu.2,000++ (Excluding Meals)



Rate: Nu.420 per head


Rate: Nu.580 per head


Rate: Nu.580 per head

Special Dinner (Honeymoon, Private Dining)

Rate: Nu.1,500 per head

Rates are subjected to 10% Government tax & 10% Service charge

Bongde Goma Resort and Restaurant Tou Zaiga are part of the non-profit training platform of Bongde Institute of Hotel and Tourism. All revenue made will be used to provide education, training and employment for the Bhutanese youth. Thank you for your support.

BIHT RESERVATION Tele: (975) 17907677 / 77420997   E-mail: reservation.biht@gmail.com